Designing Technology into Solutions
  1. C&K Components’ Develops "Soft Touch" Surface Mount Tactile Switches With Miniature Footprint, Extended Lifecycles
    [14 july 2014]

    KSH, Tactile

    KSH Series SMT top-actuated tactile switches offer multiple actuation force options…

  2. C&K Components' Surface Mount Jumper DIP Switch Feature Bifurcated Contact Design for Enhanced Reliability
    [15 may 2014]


    TDD Series jumper switches are sealed for surface-mount reflow soldering, washing…

  3. C&K Components’ PHB Pushbutton Switches Feature Kinked Terminals For Secure Mounting on 2-sided PC Boards
    [01 may 2014]


    PHB Series short-stroke pushbutton switches with momentary or latching action…

  4. C&K Components Develops Two Series of Compact, Medium Power Switches for Automotive, Industrial Applications
    [01 april 2014]


    PVA Series short-stroke key switches, PVB Series low-profile SMT switches…

  5. C&K Components opens corporate office in Shanghai, China
    [03 march 2014]

    Shaghai opening

    Expanding its global coverage throughout Asia

  6. Illuminated Harsh Environment K12S Family Expands with LED Color Choices and Improved Actuation Options
    [10 february 2014]

    K12S release

    K12S Series surface mount key switches feature enhanced illumination, IP67 sealing…

  7. Tamper-proof Subminiature Snap-acting Switch Series from C&K Delivers Long Operating Life for Smart & Industrial Meters
    [20 january 2014]

    MS image

    MS Series switches feature detect interlocking and movement…