Designing Technology into Solutions
  1. C&K Components Introduces 6mm SMT Side-Actuated Tactile Switches PTS645V
    [16 march 2015]


    Compact 6x6mm tact switches features robust PCB soldering pads for SMT processing…

  2. C&K Components Low-Profile Smart Card Connectors Deliver 500,000-Cycle Operating Life
    [09 february 2015]

    CCM01 MK5 release

    Available in 3.2mm & 4mm heights, C&K’s new CCM01 MK5 Series connectors are EMV- & PCI-ready for POS, mPOS, transaction, & identification applications

  3. C&K Components Introduces TF2 Series Miniature Snap-Acting Switches
    [12 january 2015]


    Available with several operating forces, electrical ratings, actuator styles, & terminations, TF2 Series switches are well suited for a variety of motor control, thermostatic, portable tool, & air conditioning applications

  4. C&K Components’ Develops "Soft Touch" Surface Mount Tactile Switches With Miniature Footprint, Extended Lifecycles
    [06 november 2014]

    KSH PR image

    KSH top-actuated tactile switches offer
    multiple actuation force options…

  5. C&K Components Develops Microminiature SMT Detect Switches with Ultra Low Profile, Low Actuation Force
    [14 october 2014]

    HDP release

    HDP Series surface mount side-actuated detect switches available in right or left position…

  6. C&K Components Develops Miniature SMT Tactile Switches with Multiple Profile Heights, Actuation Force Options
    [15 september 2014]


    PTS 641 Series momentary action top-actuated tactile switches feature optional ground pin…

  7. C&K Components Develops Momentary Action Tactile Switches With Ultra Low Profile, Miniature Footprint
    [11 august 2014]


    PTS 540 Series ultra-low profile top-actuated tactile switches provide extended lifecycles...